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Slow Cooker Tea Eggs

Slow Cooker Tea Eggs

Bored with fried eggs, scrambled eggs or poached eggs? Try some tea eggs. It’s so easy and fun to make. My kids love to make tea egg sandwiches for their breakfast and lunch. Pick your favorite tea and spices and you’re half way there. I used two Oolong tea bags this time. I’ve done it with green tea, black tea too. They all came out great. This is a perfect opportunity to use up some of the old tea for cooking some delicious tea eggs. The main ingredients are eggs, soy sauce, any tea (in a tea bag or a spice strainer), the rest is up to your own taste. The recipe is very flexible. Pick some of your favorite herbs and spices like rosemary, thyme, cilantro, garlic, ginger, celery stalk, green onion, round onion, Chinese five spice powder, anis seeds, cloves, muster seeds, curry powder, cardamom, dry chili peppers and so many more spices. Put them in the slow cooker and you’re ready to make some tea eggs for your favorite taste.

  • pick your favorite herbs and spices. I have garlic, ginger, round onion, celery, anis seed for my tea eggs this time.
  • I fitted 16 eggs in my slow cooker. Add the room temp water to cover the eggs, the herbs & the spices in the pot
  • Add in 2 cups of soy sauce & 1 tsp salt
  • Set the slow cooker in low temp setting. Cook for 20 minutes and use a big metal spoon/spatula to crack all the eggs.
  • Continue to cook the cracked eggs for another 30 minutes in the slow cooker.
  • When time is up, keep the eggs in the slow cooker to soak for 2-3 hours before serving. Store the eggs with the sauce in the fridge over night. The tea eggs are good for a week.

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